Several words can be used to describe the spirit of Kobold: protection, durability, innovation, consideration, utilitarian, ecological, sustainable, quirky, surprising, sophistication, beautiful, and unexpected. But who is Kobold for? In a world where there are plentiful of existing brands, why is it necessary to introduce a brand called Kobold?

Imagine this group of people. They are roughly 25 to 40 years old. They are broadly creative professionals. They are photographers, art directors, writers, and designers; in fact, they are anyone who is interested in surrounding themselves with thoughtful, carefully designed objects.  

They are hungry for life.  They are interested in the world. This group of people travel tirelessly. They travel for business. They travel for pleasure. They travel simply to satisfy their love of adventure… These are people that travel in every sense of the word… locally, internationally, and metaphorically.

In a world of flashy graphics and bamboozling gadgetry, these people crave products that quietly, effectively, and efficiently help them along their hopeful journeys. This is where Kobold steps in.

Kobold products are aimed at a group of people who appreciate quality and who believe that the world is a wonderful, exciting place and that the different climates, cultures, and challenges present opportunities rather than restrictions.


The beginning of a new era

For over 150 years, innovation, quality, and workmanship have formed a cornerstone of Kobold's character. The China headquarters hold the largest number for patents for umbrella frame design and houses its own facilities to test water repellence, colour fastness, and wind resistance for testing and retesting to simulate the stresses a product will undergo to ensure a long and useful life.

In a way, Kobold seems to echo these values of its customers: international, adventurous, and obsessed by quality both in terms of design and technological advancement.