Design Philosophy

How to look at the color?

Color is an important tool for Kobold to express its individual character. The core color range is made up of two base muted shades with one vibrant accent color.  Kobold products need to be sensitive to a variety of cultures and situations. When traveling in unfamiliar areas, it is not desirable to attract undue attention. Careless use of color can appear childish or unsophisticated, contradicting the utilitarian nature of Kobold products. This observation dictates the general appearance of the products to remain unobtrusive and refined but a careful balance of proportion offers an opportunity to highlight particular details. Below are some examples of the ways that the color range of Kobold can be used to illustrate this point.


Where does the core color series from?



Where does the pattern from?

The patterns for Kobold also need to be abstract and understated, these types of graphic fit easily into any environment. Taking inspiration from the rich history of pattern making, the essence is abstracted to express line, rhythm, and color. This allows the patterns to become an eclectic collection, leaving plenty of space for independent interpretation and avoids belonging to one particular stylistic group. We celebrate the ability of pattern to bring a smile on a dreary day by using them freely on the umbrella canopies; however in our bags and luggage, the pattern is restricted to the internal areas, allowing for an unobtrusive outer appearance and a colorful surprise when opened.

New colors and patterns of the story

Color and pattern are an important part of the Kobold brand. Although Kobold has a core color range that is available all year round, seasonal color ranges introduce a refreshing element to our offerings. 

Rather than simply following trends, we take current fashion and style as a starting point, marrying them with the international nature of the brand to formulate a method that allows Kobold to continually update its products in a manner that is closely linked with the brand philosophy. 

Each season finds a new international starting point by selecting urban destinations around the world. Cities have colors and textures that are emblematic of their nature. This observation provides an exciting starting point for our seasonal stories, getting to know the city, and sharing what we find through our products. This palette is used as block color and within a pattern story which also takes reference from the same city. The images are not reproduced as literal graphics; instead their essence is extracted and distilled until a pleasing pattern emerges. 

By combining color and traditional pattern from the same origins, a strong sense of connection emerges. This gives our visual character more depth than a fashionable graphic and allows for longer life of our products, thus resisting the undesirable eventuality of stylistically outdated products. In this way the chronological changes of our color stories express a journey themselves, from city to city across the world.

Kobold's Shape

Keeping in mind the creative nature of the business our customers conducts, the need for formal and traditional shapes and materials is negated. Free from these constraints, Kobold can build its own distinctive formal character.

Traditional "business" bags and cases reference trunks or boxes. They are usually roughly rectangular, however Kobolds bags reference softer shapes that are more like pouches than boxes. This aesthetic is combined with a logical need to maximize volume and the fact that many things we need to carry are rectangular in shape, for example laptops and paper work. The shape is a careful balance between the two- curves and edges. The silhouettes curve with simple, natural outlines, enclosing the rectangular contents sympathetically. These shapes appeal to both the male and female market, allowing Kobold to maintain its position as a unisex brand.

Made of material

Kobold believes that high quality materials are vital for the successful execution of a product. Materials are carefully considered at every stage of the production process so that the inherent qualities can be used to their full potential. The tactile qualities of natural fabrics such as cottons and wools are blended with high-performance fibers like ballistic nylon. Using this technology, Kobold has developed its own fabric that is incredibly hardwearing and dirt repellent yet with the tactile pleasures of natural fibers and gentle textures. This creates a surface that is easily recognizable as belonging to Kobold. Subtle contrasts of weave and color create a variation that is pleasing to the discerning eye and curves arise naturally from the junctions between rigid and flexible material, this allows the forms to be rational in terms of production and visually comfortable at the same time.